What is Ozone Generator and its Purpose in Water Treatment.

Ozone generators make ozone by breaking apart oxygen molecules, a process that can be accomplished in many ways. An ozone generator should not be operated in occupied spaces, and the area should be adequately cleaned, or in scientifically terms vented before people or animals are allowed to re-enter. Ozone generators intentionally produce the toxic gas ozone that are further more used for commercial and residential applications. The main purpose of the ozone generator is to deodorize, disinfect, kill or remove dangerous or irritating airborne particles in indoor environments. 

According to a report produced by the EPA, ozone generators are ineffective at reducing levels of formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, despite claims by manufacturers. Also, the toxins with which ozone does react, there must be a potential to create new that are potentially more dangerous toxins. Several brands of the ozone generators place EPA establishment numbers on their products. The number placed on ozone generator provides help to identify the facility that produced the product. The number doesn’t identify that the product is safe, as the EPA does not certify any air-cleaning devices.

What is the purpose of an ozone generator in a water treatment plant?

Ozone is unstable and must be created at the time you wish to use it. It is so unstable that 30 minutes after you have made it only half of it remains. Now the question is, where does the ozone go? Nowhere, it simply turns back into Oxygen. So, if you want to use ozone to ozonated your drinking water, hot tub, swimming pool, or use it for other purification procedures, you need to make it yourself from oxygen. The main purpose of the ozone generator in the water treatment plant is to make sure that the water is bacteria and viruses free and volatile organic and possibly toxic compounds have been destroyed in the water. There are many different reasons for ozonating water, and there are many different ozone generators in the market that provide you choices to remove bacteria and other toxic compounds from water.

Large quantities of ozone are produced commercially in a modern ozone generator, in the same manner, that ozone is formed naturally by the discharge of electricity during a thunderstorm. The passage of a high voltage, A.C, through a gas stream containing oxygen will result in the breakdown of molecular oxygen to atomic oxygen. When ozone is applied as gas for drinking water treatment, it is done primarily because of its oxidative strength. This powerful oxidation potential allows ozone to be effective in the reduction or elimination of color, aftertaste, and odor. More importantly, ozone will effectively destroy bacteria and inactive viruses more rapidly than any other disinfectant chemical.

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