What is Water Softener? How does it really works?

Water is a blessing from heaven and human life is totally dependent on it, without water we cannot survive for a single week. We need water for everything little thing, from drinking to bathing, from washing our clothes to cleaning our house. It is as important for us as Oxygen in the Air, but not all type of water is good for us and our health, hard water is pretty dangerous for us in so many different ways. Hard water can cause problems for our skin and for hair, it can cause numerous skin infection and apart from that it can also shortness the life of plumbing system arranged in house as hard water contains magnesium, calcium and many other metals. Hard water is the basic cause of scale building up in our sewerage pipes. So how do we convert hard water into soft water? The answer to that question is written below go and find out the answer yourself.

Hard water can be converted into soft water by using a good quality water softener. A water softener is a device that can convert hard water into soft water so you can be mentally relaxed about it. As you know hard water does not mix with detergent very easily so you have to use it in more quantity hence increasing your detergent cost.

Types & their method of conversion of Water Softeners

There are different types of water softeners like:

Salt Free: this type of water softener uses filter system so it doesn’t require any salt, potassium or chemicals so you don’t need to be worried about the minerals water contains. But this type of water softener has a limitation as it does not work well on very hard water.

Ion Exchange: this water softener exchanges the Ions in the water with potassium or sodium. It prolongs the life of your dish washer and washing machine by removing the Ion from the water but the water from this softener is not good for drinking as it enclose high level of sodium in it.

Magnetic Softener: as the name explains itself, this softener use magnets around and within water to adjust the water by using magnetic field. But the effect of this softener doesn’t last long and the water returns to it original hard form after two days.

Duplex Softener: this softener depends on 2 big tanks, a main one which contains resin and the other one where you produce brine by adding salt. This softener works splendidly well but during softening process when resin is being charged by brine at that time the water you will get from the tap will be hard water. Luckily this process only lasts 1 to 2 hours. You can cope with it by setting the regeneration process during the night time when nobody will be using the water.

Use in Home and Industry

If we put its use in simple words then wherever there is water, water softener needs to be there for the protection. If we talk about small houses then it is very necessary to have water softener as prevents a lot of hassle and extra money which you will be spending on detergents, glass cleaners and sewerage pipe repair, services cost, damage during the repair process, floor and wall repairing and the list goes on. Apart from repair and damage cost it also benefits you by expanding the life of your gadgets so your multi-function washing machine will be with you for a longer period of time than the usual one.

If we talk about its industrial use then this gadget is going to save you a whole lot of money. The larger the size of pipe and tubes the higher the cost will be to change or repair them. Industries work on bulk quantity production and consumption and high volume of hard water will build large quantity of scale in the tubes and hence severely affect the quality of production and company’s face value in the market. Another thing is the expensive burners, tubes and water transport system of industries are for long term and are very costly to exchange; water softeners can extend their lifetime and can also improve quality.


Maintenance of softeners is not very difficult all you need to do is to check them on regular basis and most importantly from the joints and if you find any damaged joint then act quickly and repair the damage by either food grade sealant or by re-soldering the connector. Another important thing to keep an eye on salt level in the brine tank as you needs to refill it after few weeks. Also keep the tanks clean by cleaning it on advised time and also consider washing the back of the softener if user manual allows it to wash. One more important thing is never mix two types of salt in the tank, always use recommend type of salt like cubed, solar or pellet salt.


In modern world it is very important to have water softeners as municipal authorities try work on water impurities but not all the time they succeed and even if they do they still fails to fully convert hard water into software, which is why we are facing the short life span of our gadgets. We need to have our own water softener so that we can save a lot of cost and improve our life style. Apart from saving just money it also saves you from extra hassle and efforts on repairs. In current world it is a must install thing and it should be installed in every house or industry.

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